VIEW - Entertainment

The team that makes us strong.

A company that needs to deliver every time with accuracy and speed, relies heavily on its management team. This team in turn, relies on all of the office and warehouse staff that supports them.

James W. Lyman - Founder/CEO (vCard)

Jim started out in the 80's consulting, selling and implementing the installation of hotel movie rental systems. After expanding into previously viewed and pre recorded media, Jim created VIEW Entertainment so he could focus his sights on high end distribution services. Jim is an industry veteran with over 30 years of experience in the video and distribution fields.

Tony Spadaccini - COO (vCard)

To be a successful Chief Operations Officer at VIEW Entertainment, you have to bring great skill and agility to the table. With a history of managing large scale, time sensitive projects with trade show venues like the Jacob Javits Center in NYC, Tony Spadaccini is very aware of every moving part in the company. With product moving in and out of the warehouse and a growing client list, the importance of a solid infrastructure and clear enforceable processes couldn't be more important. Tony's knack for sensing problems before they happen, and fixing them with good long term solutions aides in solidifying the strong relationships VIEW has with it's vendors and clients.

Dom Caramanica - Logistics Director (vCard)

With a 10 year history in the company, Dom has advanced over the years with a firm grip on the VIEW Entertainment culture. He applies this everyday while being responsible for the data that makes VIEW tick. All incoming orders, products, shipments, requests and confirmations are input and generated using the content management system (CSM) Dom operates. Having current and clean data is valued by all.

Alexandria Ceci - Information Director (vCard)

As a very important component of the VIEW Entertainment team, Alexandria is the master of data queries and research within the company systems. The staff at VIEW relies heavily on the facts and organizational skills provided to maintain a high quality of communication and service with clients and vendors.